Our Approach

Summer Breeze USA provides travelers with a quality, family-oriented, and first-class RV experience, complete with clean facilities, engaging amenities, and a friendly staff.  We do this by creating resorts that are exciting, relaxing, and positive.

Our Story

Steve has been an avid camper for the last 10+ years.  From tent camping to a travel trailer to an RV, he has done it all.  By combining his expertise in real estate with his love for camping, Summer Breeze USA Resorts has become not only his most recent project but also his passion.

Meet the Team

Steve Berges

Founder & CEO

Steve Berges, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Berges Investment Group, has been a successful real estate investor for more than three decades!  Mr. Berges has logged over $250 million in combined personal and client transactions buying and selling everything from land for subdivision developments, residential construction, single family rentals, and multifamily apartment buildings.

Mr. Berges, who holds an MBA degree in finance and marketing from Rice University (Houston, TX), is a distinguished author who has written and contributed to a total of fifteen books.  He has been featured in numerous nationally syndicated newspaper columns including the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, Albany Union, Detroit Free Press, Houston Chronicle, and many more.  He also has been featured in other leading publications such as the Readers' Digest and Money Magazine.

Come stay with us!

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