About Summer Breeze


Our biggest competitive advantage is that we are a new kind of “park.” We aren’t relying on the old tropes of the RV world, rather we’re taking cues from the best in the hospitality business and applying those to a first-class RV Resort.


Summer Breeze USA is the perfect place to take a family on a vacation. We have the level of quality, safety, amenities, and friendliness that a family would expect on a memorable vacation. We have activities that are fun for both adults and kids, and we welcome and actively seek out families to be our guests.


We are providing a best-in-class experience to our guests that must be different from other RV “parks.” We offer clean facilities, top-notch service, amazing amenities, and a first-class experience that makes Summer Breeze the best in the business.


Fun is our objective, and we do this by being upbeat and positive in every interaction with our guests. We aim to be cheerful and optimistic in our daily conversations and to provide a welcoming experience for all.

Proud Supporter of The Veteran Owned Business Project!