No Mouse in Your RV at Kemah Either!

Okay, you’re putting on your swimsuit so you can go have a dip in our resort-style swimming pool when, all of a sudden, a tiny grey-brown critter goes streaking from one side of your RV to the other! OMG! It’s a mouse! How did he get in here?

Read the previous blog to find out how he got into your RV. This blog is about how to get him out.

Get That Mouse Out of Your RV House

If, like cartoon cat Mr Jinks, you hate meeces to pieces, you gotta get him out of your RV. In addition to scaring the wits out of you, mice create other problems by chewing wires, hoses, and insulation. So, no mice allowed at Summer Breeze Kemah either. Same goes for monkeys, spiders, and aggressive breeds of dogs.

Here’s how to send that mouse packing…

  • No-kill mouse traps. You can buy one or make one by luring your mouse into a deep stainless steel bowl, covering it up quick, and carrying the bowl far away from the RV to set him loose. Wash the bowl.
  • Kill mouse traps. Ugh, please no! Both poisons and glue traps leave the little intruder to die a slow and painful death. He’s just a creature trying to live, after all. If you absolutely want to kill him, put an old-fashioned snap-trap inside a paper bag, so you can enclose both the trap and the mouse in the bag and dispose of the whole thing.

Banish That Mouse for Good

After you’ve spent the Spring and Summer in your RV at Summer Breeze Kemah, you’ll want to store your vehicle until the next road trip. Try to park your RV on a paved surface if possible, because rodents don’t like cement and asphalt. Start the engine every week or so to discourage every mouse and squirrel that is trying to make a nest in the engine compartment. And make sure to remove all bags, boxes, and crumbs of food.

People Yes, Meeces No

For the best ‘people-vacation’ ever, reserve your stay at Summer Breeze Kemah with a Good Sam, Military, TACO or Active Police Officer Discount. You’ll love Summer Breeze Kemah!

About Summer Breeze USA RV Resort

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