Escape Kemah

Don’t wait to escape! Reserve your summer vacation stay at Summer Breeze Kemah right now so you can Escape Kemah!

Escape Kemah is Kemah’s Premier Escape Room

Not a thrill ride – an escape room is a chance to use your wits to escape from a seemingly unsolvable difficulty in only one hour. Do you have what it takes?

Escape Kemah has three rooms to challenge your skill and imagination, with another brain-buster room coming soon. Search for clues and objects placed throughout the room. The ultimate goal is to find the key or secret code that will unlock your room so you can Escape Kemah!

  1. The Bomb Room (Choose Easy or Medium difficulty) – Last week you fired an employee who was acting erratically. Today you walk into your office, close the door, and hear a loud click. The speaker above you comes on and the fired employee says, “You are now locked in your office and there is a bomb hidden somewhere inside. You have one hour to find the bomb and disarm it. Good luck, Boss!”
  2. Studio 99 Room (Choose Medium or Hard difficulty) – It’s New Year’s Eve 1999, the busiest night of the year. A competitor has sabotaged your nightclub, Studio 99. You and your staff have one hour to get everything up and running before guests arrive. Can you outsmart your competitor?
  3. The Vault (Difficulty level – Hard) – You and your team of bank robbers have hired a former employee from Escape Kemah Bank to help steal a million dollars. Your team has 60 minutes to enter and exit The Vault before the police are notified. You have to make a crucial decision: take the money and run or stay a little longer and steal the entire million. The choice is yours.

Oh! One more thing – The Vault is a points-based game where your score is determined by how much money you manage to steal during the robbery. Good luck, Bank Robbers!

Escape Kemah is at 609 Bradford Avenue in Suite 213. Want even more fun in Kemah? After you have escaped, you can walk to Kemah Boardwalk…it’s just a short distance away.

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