Burning Buns on the Beach – 4th of July

The hot dog buns, Silly! What did you think we were talking about? Seriously though, Independence Day is the best day ever to go to the beach. It’s very patriotic! Blue skies, white cap waves, and bright red sunburns. Want crystal clear cool water right now? Slide into our beautiful swimming pool or spa. Dee-lightful! … Read more

Fourth of July, 2020 in Conroe

Independence Day! The best day of summer for fishing, swimming, BBQ, parades, ice cream, beer and all kinds o’ family fun. And fireworks! Yep…it’s all here in Conroe. The festivities start at 8:00am and last until 2:00pm. We’re talking about Freedom Fest Montgomery. Dress the kids in costumes and let them decorate their bikes, trikes, … Read more