Hiking, Riding & Biking in Conroe, Texas

Whether you are looking for an easy, casual stroll with your little ones or a real hike or bike ride through a rugged landscape, Conroe has some great options for you while staying at Summer Breeze RV Resort Conroe.

Hiking Trails & Camping in ConroeWilliam Goodrich Jones State Forest - If you're looking for an easy hike right in town, this is the place for you. The trails are VERY flat here and consist of packed sand.  It's so smooth and flat, you could probably push a baby stroller.  The paths average 6 to 8 feet in width.  No tree roots crossing the trails, or stumps, or logs blocking the trails.

Most of the trails are laid out in a grid format, kind of like city streets are laid out.  Signage is abundant and trails are clearly marked.  You won’t get lost.

There's also a nice little pond at the trailhead, and parking for about two dozen cars.

Cypress Trails Equestrian Center – Cypress Trails Equestrian Center, once a private horse farm, is now a 7-day-a-week trail riding, endurance training, and boarding stable. It’s approximately 25 miles north of downtown Houston.

Professional and knowledgeable handlers will guide you through verdant, hilly trails and make your experience a real adventure.

Pro tip: bring carrots to feed the horses after the ride!

George Mitchell Nature Preserve – if you are looking for a bike trail that tests your endurance, this place does not disappoint.

The more "technical" trails are not as easy as some of the others but you will have a great trip through the woods and a great day of exercise.

You're not going to fly past every tree down these trails, but with the winding and weaving that come with this park, you are sure to have some fun.....but be sure you try and keep your north about you or at least keep your GPS handy with you or you WILL find yourself lost in this beautifully, amazing wood-maze just down the street from the hustle & bustle of The Woodlands!

One last thing, Campers…pick up some delicious Blue Bell Ice Cream from our General Store before you set out for outdoor adventure.  Have a great day!

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